vendredi 20 juin 2014

I'm baaaccck, thank you and OMG

Hello everyone

How are you doiiiing? Oh my god I'm so happy to post again on this blog.

First of all, sorry for all those months of silence. Life has been a big rollercoaster. To summarize quickly: I'm gonna be graduated soon (well I hope) with my bachelor of journalism. Great news. Unfortunately due to the huge amount of work and this importance of having this diploma, I had to "give up" this blog. ;( It was so terrible. And the worse about all this, due to my exams planning, I couldn't attend the TV festival. While Jennifer Morrison and other amazing celebrities were answering interviews I was passing my exams. And truly it was heartbreaking.

Then I'm writing this message to thank you all. OMG you can't imagine how much I love you. I haven't checked the blog and even the gmail for ages (my mind was so away) and reading so many messages of people telling me how great the blog was, how they love my job, wondering if I would attend the festival this year...etc. Everything it was really beautiful. I actually read those messages last week and needed all this time to just recover. Truly thank you sooo much.

Great news even with all this work I didn't forget you. I've a lot of ideas for the blog and the festival. I'm thinking of moving the blog to wordpress, add more contents and even offer some pages to you fans of the festival. So, so many things.

I can't wait to show you all of this.

Hope you'll like it and will follow the adventures. Fingers crossed my future will let me attend the festival next year (depends on job, schedule...etc). Will see.

I miss you so much and I hope you don't hate me for my long long absence. Love y'all and see ya.

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