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Interview : Colin O'Donoghue (Once Upon A Time) english

When Captain Hook arrived in the show for the first time he was a sort of villain, now he seems to be nice, isn’t he?

Well I think the character is kinda interesting because he drift in between he can be a good guy but he can also be quite an evil if it serves him, if it can help him to reach his aim he is going to do whatever it takes. He’s just a pirate so…..Now he is “helping” Mr Gold to save Henry but I don’t know if one day he’ll be able to be friend with him. Maybe, we’ll see.

At the end of the season 2 they’re going to Neverland, what are you expecting for the season 3?

I think it will be interesting to see it. What they did it so well in the show is that they take all  these fairy tales that we all know and they twist them a little bit so it’s slightly different not completely different just slightly. So I’m sure the Neverland we’re gonna see in Once Upon a Time is gonna be much different than the Neverland we’ve ever seen before so…I don’t know what’s going to happen yet but it will be interesting.

Do you think we’re gonna see more about Hook’s past??

I hope so. We know he has been abandoned by his father and I would be interested to see how he became a pirate, all those kind of stuff. Why he is the way he is, why he became who he is. I have no idea of what’s coming next season but hopefully we’ll see a little more. I definitely hope we will.   

Captain Hook has been played by several actors in the past; did you use them as an inspiration?

It’s difficult because I’m never gonna play Captain Hook as good as Dustin Hoffman did. What you have to do is…you have to try to make a completely different type of character. And go to the opposite. So I try to go on the complete opposite direction to the way people have known Hook from before. Otherwise, it’s just copying people and it was important for me to play with my own standard.

How is it to play with a hook?

It’s great, I’ve managed to try a few things I could do with a hook like I hold my coffee cup while on set. I love it; it’s just the perfect size of a coffee cup. But it was hard the first time because you’ve got to get accustomed of not having a second hand. So it’s difficult but you get used to it.

What were the fans reactions?

I think the fans like the character which is nice; I’ve got some feedbacks from the fans. It was my first time in such a big show, an American TV show. I’ve discovered a few things. It’s my first time on a show and I’ve never really used twitter before. People were tweeting me especially a lot of things about “shipping”. I didn’t know anything about it. I was like “what?” So I discovered apparently it’s when they put two characters together.

You played in a band do you think one day we’ll see Hook playing the guitar and sing?

I love to play the guitar but well I won’t be able to play as Hook because he only has one hand so it’s gonna be slightly difficult. Maybe he can play slide guitar….or if he has a fake hand at a moment.

What if they want to do a musical episode?

Yeah maybe we should do a musical episode. I don’t know how they would do a musical episode. Maybe we would. I’m interesting to see it.

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