jeudi 13 juin 2013

Interview : Autumn Reeser (Last Resort, The OC) in English

In your show Last Resort, you’re playing a young woman who is working in the weapon industry. What attracted you to this character?

I love this character. I love portraying professional women who are competing in a man’s world, especially when they’re doing it well. I also like it when women don’t cease to be women when they use everything that has been given to them. One of the things I love about Kylee is that she’s very sexual. She’s using everything she’s been given to get to her goal. It’s so fun to play. I love playing ambitious women. They’re fun because they’re driven, they drive their scenes, they know what they want. I love characters with a clear goal.

You’ve worked on many shows that didn’t last more than a season. Isn’t it difficult to start over on new shows every time?

It is. I really thought Last Resort was going to be the one that stuck. Because it was one of the best, if not the best, scripts last pilot season. And Shawn Ryan is an incredible showrunner. To me it was gonna to last so I  was very emotional when it ended because I brought my entire family to Hawaï where we shot. I thought we were going to stay for a long time and of course you never know. What I learned from it is it’s a gamble, it’s a game of dice. I was heartbroken and very sad about this one and it is very hard. This year I looked for series that don’t shoot outside of L.A. because it was traumatic for my family to move. So... I’m doing Necessary Roughness. They shoot in Atlanta, but I go there for a few days and come back, and my family doesn’t have to move. It's the same for Hawai 5-0... As far as creatively it’s been hard for me to say no to series that I was ready to do because they’re outside of LA, shooting in Nashville or North Carolina. It’s not just a good time to being moving everybody again. It’s hard to juggle between personal goals and career goals.

You mentioned Hawaï 5-0, so you’re going back to this show next season?

Yes, I’m doing two more episodes next month and the following in July and August. It’s good for me right now, to be able to live in Los Angeles and go work on a show.  I love working on this show, I love Hawaï. I feel such an affinity for it now more than before. It feels like a second home. So I just love the fact to pop in and then go back to my family. 

You’ve been working with some many actors, obviously in TV shows, but also in the Thrilling Adventure group.  

I have been in theater since I was six years old, for me that’s my community. There are my people. I feel most at home on stage, as embarrassing as it is to admit sometimes. Last week-end, I did the lead in a musical, and then I did 2 Thrilling Adventure shows. Three shows in one day, and I’m so happy at the end of the day. I loved it! I love entertaining people, make them laugh, make them cry…I love this relationship you have with the audience. I love the feeling that you get from sharing a live experience with an audience. That’s kind of what the Thrilling Adventure Hour is about. In film and television, you’re so disconnected from the audience. This is also what I love about social media, to really have that connection. The Thrilling Adventure Hour allows me to get on stage in front of an audience every month. It’s been such an amazing blessing. And I just did it for myself. Not because it paid me any money. We started in a small diner-theater. I performed there for free drink ticket! I did it only for my own creative.

So do you prefer theater?

I like both! Film and television are such a collaboration. It takes a village, giant city to make a television show. And I love that part too. But I don’t wanna give up theater. They fill two different needs.

If you had to pick one of all the shows you’ve been on, which one would be your favorite?

The O.C. changed my life. That’s a hard one to beat. I’ve worked so hard for so long to get people to be able to see my work. And that show did that for me. I loved my character. She was quirky and there wasn’t anybody like her on television at the time. She didn’t apologize for who she was, she was « yes I stalk you, I don’t have good social skills! ». She didn’t have any degree of cool, and I had a lot of girls respond that they related to that because they felt that was them. And that was very fulfilling for me.

I loved working on Entourage because many actors have a list of shows on which they would love to play and it so rarely actually happens. So when it actually happened I was like “is it real?” Especially when it’s one of your favorite TV shows, you’re walking on the set and you’re like “what am I doing here?” It felt surreal.  

Apart from Hawai five-O, Necessary Roughness, are you going to be in another show? 

Necessary Roughness and Hawai 5-0 are enough for now. That is a lot!  As far as another job is concerned, it would be a win. Because of the amount of travel it takes to go to Atlanta and to Hawaï, I would be doing both of those till the end of the summer and I think it’s probably all I’ll be able to do. But travelling between Atlanta and Hawaï is complicated enough, even if I’m open to work on new shows. 

What about doing a musical TV Show?

I come from a musical theater, so I would love to do a show where I have to sing. I could go on Glee to sing, but now it seems now you have to have a Grammy to get in the show! It’s not up to us. There are plenty of shows I’d love to work on. I’d love to be on Game of Thrones! But I probably not. It’s all about opportunities.

Talking about Game of Thrones, what did you think about The Red Wedding?

I died! I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t sleep. It’s so good and so amazing, it’s so traumatic. Every week it’s so intense… it’s the only show I’m watching right now. We’re going to try to figure out how to watch it here, I can’t miss it because everybody is going to be tweeting about it. Last week on Sunday I was out with my husband. So I went on twitter and everyone was like “Game of Thrones mother F*, Oh my gosh I can’t believe you did it”. And I couldn’t even look at it. So I can’t even look at social media at all until I watch this episode. People are spoiling it. I can’t imagine how frustrating for you in France it is to have TV shows a year later.

You love social media; does it help you create a link with creators and show runners?

I’m sure it does. But it hasn’t happened for me because I always get shy. I tweeted Judd Apatow when I watched This is 40, and I was very nervous. Of course, he didn’t tweet me back. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone, it makes a little bit nervous. You don’t know how they’re gonna respond. Maybe if I was less afraid to use it that way… but I’m a little shy.

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