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Interview: David Lyons & Giancarlo Esposito (Revolution) in English

If you had to describe the show to people who haven’t seen it yet, what would you say?

David Lyons: 15 years after a global blackout we pick up a society that crumbled into a state of violence and destruction. From those ashes rise different areas of what was formerly the USA in forms of Militia that people have been in to create an order. The show is about a search for family, for humanity. A search for why the lights went out and how can we turn it back on? So we can return to a society which we are in now today.

What attracted you to such a show?

D.L: First of all it’s the caliber of the individual we’re playing. Then this man [looks at Giancarlo] I’ve been watching since I’m a child, an incredible man and likewise for the men aiming the show our show runner Eric Kripke, J.J Abrams and Jon Favreau. You don’t get such an opportunity in television. And at the top of this, the opportunity to play characters who are so rich and deep.

Giancarlo Esposito: What I love about being an actor is to have the chance to be goofy; also to be serving a higher master [turns to David] not you, the writers. This show is about family, humanity and what we might have the opportunity to do if it really happens. And it’s also a chance to be in a show that deals about politics as well as spirituality and human storyline.

Talking about Militia, David, you’re at the head of the Monroe Republic. Your character is, according to many people in the show, a sort of dictator.

D.L: Oh is he? [Smiling] Yes he is a dictator and many people would think he is an evil dictator, tyrannical but as we go through the season we see the reasons behind, the motivations behind a lot of the characters. We are considered as the villains of the show but we don’t consider ourselves as it. We’re motivated passionately by our objectives. Our objectives are different but we still have this sense of roguishness in that. 

And you Giancarlo, you play Tom Neville. In the season he left the Monroe Republic to surprisingly join Miles Matheson’s group.  

G.E: My character has followed Monroe for so many years for a good reason. The last step between you and anarchy is Tom Neville. He is the guy who keeps you in and keeps you safe. At a certain period of time my son makes a very bad decision and I have to run away with my tail between my legs because some day Monroe will find it out and if Monroe finds what my son did I would be dead. And I’m planning to be alive for a very long time in this show.

How do you feel about playing the dominated character now considering your role as Gus in Breaking Bad?

G.E: I love playing the villain; it’s a very interesting turns of event so I have to be subservient to Monroe. People who are not in the first place are really in a good position because they have the opportunity to get into first place and you cannot lead unless you have the ability to what?…[turning to David]
D.L: serve

G.E: ….serve and follow. So I’m creating very good traits for my character who is a good man despite what you may think as an audience. And I’ll show you that, I have compassion and love for all of you. He loves to tell people stories, he loves to drive people to their best selves allowing them to tell the truth.

What are you expecting for the next season especially after such a season finale?

D.L: It didn’t turn good for my character….
G.E: ….you’re in the doghouse
D.L:  yeah…I’m in the doghouse. Eric Kripke is the master of the twist and turns; I don’t know what we’re going to see in the next season, I don’t know where he is leading the show. But they are really excited. There are major plays coming for everyone, from different angles. Personally I’m glad I’ve found I’m not going to sit behind a desk anymore but that there’s probably a more emotional journey for Monroe….and certainly for Tom.

What can you say to the people to drive them to watch the show? Especially for the French audience.

G.E: Vive la Révolution, c’est magnifique!
D.L: I can’t say anything better than that. Hmmmm....oui? It’s gonna be huge. We have so much fun doing it.

Giancarlo, many people are wondering: will you ever come back in Once Upon a time as Sidney Glass?

Actually I hope so. I saw Eddy and Adam at the Emmys last year and they asked me the same question and I answered that I’d love to come back. There’s this scene in the basement of the hospital where you can see the name of Sidney Glass on one door so who knows? I love that show I think that’s an iconic show that deals with mythology, fairy tales. It’s wonderful. So I’m going to answer yes I’ll be back in Once Upon a time.

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