lundi 10 juin 2013

Day 2 or how my feet died

So here we are...the end of the second day of the festival but the first one of the press activities. But also the day my feet die. Thanks lovely but deadly high heels shoes.

Couldn't get all my interviews. There were some delays (sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 25!) which changed the schedule a lot. Unfortunately some of my interviews had to be cancelled :( but tried to get as much as i could. Fingers crossed it will be fine tomorrow.

But today was wonderful. First of all i was quite nervous by doing all this today. First interview was with Tracy Spiridakos. It started with a delay of 5 minutes so i needed to have the interview done quickly because i had a round-table just after. So terrible to have 10 minutes granted for an interview and being able to do only 5. But Tracy was awesome. When i told her it was my first professional interview ever, she was sooo nice and so supportive. I felt so much better after. Then followed the beautiful Autumn Reeser who was so funny and so kind. She even asked for our professional cards.

I couldn't go to the Young and the Restless conference because of some delay. Same about my round-table with Jeremy Piven.

But happily i had my interviews with Eric Christian Olsen. Such an adorable guy, really funny. Then THE interview of the day. Mr Sutherland.

I'll post them when i can. Still have to work on the ones for tomorrow. But no worries there will all be there. Don't forget to check our instagram.

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