mardi 11 juin 2013

Interview: Reggie Lee from Grimm (English)

You started your career doing musicals and were even a dancer in a music video for Prince.

Wow thank god there’s no video of that one on television. Yes I started as a dancer, it was odd but that was my dream you know as an Asian-American growing up back then in the stone ages. It’s good to know everything that you could to make it as an actor. An actor has to learn everything; he has to learn how to sing and how to dance. That’s how they get roles. My dream was Broadway and when I started first as an actor I went to New York and I got a Broadway show. It was too tiring so I decided I didn’t want to sing or dance anymore. I moved to Los Angeles and started acting. Fortunately it started with a role in Fast and Furious, Pirates of the Caribbean and Prison Break.

Prison Break made you quite famous in France.

Yes it was really nice. The show was really successful in France even more than in the USA. The first time I was in Paris, I was walking on the streets and people were asking me for photos. It had never happened before. I was on holidays and I wasn’t expecting that. But it’s always nice to get back to the fans. French fans are the best especially on twitter.

Talking about dance, what if they decide to do a musical episode?

They’ve always been teasing “we’re gonna do a grimmusical”. So we’re waiting for it and we’re a little scared of a grimmusical. David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf [creator of the show] have guitars and they play guitars on their spare time. They also sing. If they need a choreographer I can do that. I can just see Sergent Wu with a little tap dance with girls behind him just doing little routine. I would love it. Who knows? Maybe in the Season 3? And you know Adam Shankman [director of Hairspray and Rock of ages] is a big Grimm fan so I hope he will direct it for our show. That would be great.

You were cast several times as a cop. How do you explain that?

I don’t know. One year, I did Grimm, the Dark Knight and Crazy Stupid Love. In all those movies I was a cop and I just thought “that’s Sergent Wu’s moonlighting”. In Chinese Astrology it’s always the year of the dragons or the year of the mouse. That year it was the cop year. But before that I was always the bad guy and people know me as the guy with the snake skin pants. Now I’m a cop and I’m enjoying being the good guy. 

Do you prefer playing good or bad guys?

I love playing bad guys more than playing good guys because they’re more interesting as a character. I think it is more interesting to get into the mind of a bad guy. But with Sergent wu this season it’s gonna get a bit crazy….literally. I can’t tell you more.

In the next season, would you like Sergent Wu to know about Nick’s secret ?

Most of the people already know Nick’s secret except my character. And people always ask me how do you feel about that? And I answer “I wanna be a part of the party, please let me come in.” Everybody is seeing monsters and I’m like “Why am I not seeing it?”. But I think there has to be a balance between reality and supernatural in the show. With everybody seeing it at the same time, you would never feel there would be a reality. So it’s better if he doesn’t know and I don’t think it’s gonna to happen in the season 3

What was your scariest scene in Grimm?

I remember this episode in season 1 when I was eating all those things. Well, the carpet was cotton candy; I ate ChapStick which was chocolate on the outside and gummy bears on the inside, coins which were chocolate and paper clips which were…. paper clip.  But there’s also when I had all those welts growing on my face. It took about three hours to do that. The scariest thing was that I had to walk to go to the set and people were staring at me. And seeing people staring at you this way was quite scary.

There was also this Rumplestiltskin episode where people were cut in the half. And the special effect people were so good that when you took their hands you could see the veins and little piece of hair. So it was so real and seeing a person cut in half was the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. I was just excepting the bottom to stand up and just walk away while the top would have been crawling. It’s like when you’re a kid and you think there’s a monster in your closet. When you walk on Grimm, you really think those things are alive.

What the difference between shooting in LA and Portland?

Freedom. In Los Angeles the people of the network come to visit the set. It is as if you were an editor or a journalist right now and your boss was here just behind you watching you as you’re writing or doing an interview. When you feel free to act that’s when the best work comes about. When you’re free you feel more creative.

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